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The Scientism Delusion

Modern Science has Become Repackaged Babylonian Mysticism

The Scientism Delusion exposes the deepest darkest intrigue in history...The Luciferian Agenda for a New World Order. In it, we learn of the Luciferian roots of Modern Science, as the reader is transported back in time to the insidious origins of modern-day Scientism, the current religion of most scientists today. Through an excursion into the roots of Scientism, Mr. Garrett deftly retraces the historical antecedents of Scientism, echoing back to The Secret Mystery Schools of Kabbalistic, Egyptian Hermeticism, onwards into the true nature of Freemason and Alchemical Occultist, Sir Isaac Newton, and then further into the nefarious Vatican Jesuit Priesthood, whose hidden hand can be linked to the creation of The Illuminati, as well as the current Luciferian New Age Religion. Finally, the serpentine path leads up into modern Freemasonic Luciferian, NASA, and then to The Jesuit Controlled Alien Deception about to take hold of the world. 

What is Scientism?


Contrary to popular belief, modern Quantum Physics, and even many aspects of Classical Newtonian Physics, are essentially built upon philosophic conjecture and ancient Kabbalistic Luciferian Occult assumptions that are entirely unproven. Basically, Modern Quantum Physics, in particular, is a set of philosophic assumptions which are then injected by endless circular and unprovable mathematical equations, leading to endless circularities of labyrinthine and intentionally convoluted mazes of unfounded hypotheses, assertions, and postulates. This leads to a modern religion masquerading as science called, “SCIENTISM”. 


One Deception to Rule Them All

The Luciferian Ruling Elite Have One Final Deception to Cast Upon A Mesmerized World

The One Deception to Rule Them All is nothing other than The Apotheosis of Man (to become God) through Occult Knowledge coming from alleged Alien contact and mediated and parceled out through the conduit of Artificial Intelligence. The future we face is where doctors are computer technicians instead of physicians.

Of course, the DECEPTION is that this Apotheosis will be for all Mankind. It will not. It was always intended for only The Luciferian Elite to ascend into Godhood while the rest of Mankind exist as their slaves or are exterminated.

Bible prophecy watchers call this time “The Great Tribulation” and predict a worldwide struggle to deal with the horrors brought on by massive unemployment caused by A.I., robot wars, and the feeling that humanity has been raped by an Artificial Alien Intelligence.

The Vatican Jesuits, (who may otherwise be called The AshkeNAZI, NAZI Party, Khazarian Mafia, Luciferian Elite, Talmudic Jews, or Illuminati), have been implicated by multiple researchers, including myself, as central to this nefarious plot against humanity. From Freemason, Erasmus Darwin, Charles Darwin’s Grandfather, The Jesuits eventually received their Evolutionary Theory, which was necessary to keep the Heliocentric Globe Model Lie going, as well as to aid in Social Darwinian Eugenics (Genocide) programs, worldwide. If the Universe came from a Big Bang, then it needed to evolve, and eventually evolve to a point where it is revealed that Man actually came from Alien life, which would lead to the idea of an Alien Messiah Anti-Christ. This long running thematic development was a wicked Jesuit machination, all along.

How do they intend to achieve this? First of all, they ARE achieving. It is all woven into the digital fabric of the 5G Artificial Intelligence Smart Grid Surveillance System that has come up around us over the past few decades. Everyone is tracked and watched in every move they make, online and off, while being socially engineered to conform to a Hive-Mind, psycho-social, consumer-slave mentality. 

The Final Deception of Mankind

In the world today, there is a Luciferian Occult Epistemological Autocracy where “Truth” is allocated to a few Luciferian Elite Scientism Priests. There is a self-professed superiority amongst these hypnotized pseudo-academics, drunk on blind ambition, and hell-bent on creating a worldwide Techno Mystical Technocracy. In their eyes, they should be the supreme rulers over all others in a sterile, Brave New World, digitally manipulated and controlled tyranny. Where any sane and seasoned thinker would see inherent limitations to what Mankind can know and perceive, there are no such intrinsic limitations of empirical or epistemic reasoning within this Cult of The Luciferian Elite. Because of their emphasis upon radical empiricism, where all knowledge is derived from the five senses, they have quarantined off any other modes of epistemological investigation. They have delegated the five senses, but only THEIR five senses, as the only sovereign and rational option for scientific inquiry. Any Metaphysical opposition or even empirical variance to the presumed superiority of their data and conclusions is mocked and ridiculed, while their gate-keepers of peer-review marginalize, condemn, and consign to academic oblivion any who challenge their self-professed authority. Increasingly, many innovative academic minds are finding themselves relegated to the untenured trash heap of pedagogical apostasy for any epistemological descent, regardless of the merits of their research and findings. This riveting book explains how this all happened, why, and what the chilling conclusion will be for Mankind as it endures the One Deception to Rule Them All. 


The Gnostic Luciferian New Age Babylon Revisisted

Mystery Babylon is Being Resurrected in the Guise of The New Age

 The Gnostic Luciferian New Age “Utopia” will be based upon a Mystery Babylon re-visitation of tolerance for all behaviors narcissistically self-indulgent, sexually perverse, psychoactively induced, and sinfully decadent, with self-worship and self-adulation as the highest pinnacle of religious zeal. Additionally, utilizing the trickery and artifice of an Alien Antichrist Messiah Deception, the Luciferian Elite seek to obliterate Christianity and replace it with a Gnostic Pantheistic Cosmogenesis narrative, where Ancient Aliens are our true genetic origins, and Cosmic Evolution, with Mankind in tow, is the Grand Design of the Universe. Becoming ONE with this Luciferian Hive Mind Cosmic Consciousness will be mandatory at some point, whether induced by drugs, neural meshing, trance, military force, MK Ultra trauma-based mind control, brainwashing, demonic and satanic ritual, or a combination all these occult strategies. The underlying theme of this book becomes patently clear as you read it: Against our will and without us knowing it, Mankind has all been indoctrinated into a Gnostic Luciferian Cult through the educational system, modern culture, business, Hollywood films, the media, eastern religions, modern science, digital manipulation and control, propaganda, and of course, through The New Age Movement, itself. It is a chilling conclusion and one well worth considering as the world plunges, headlong, into the Gnostic Luciferian nightmare of self-worship, and a lust for life-extension and unbridled power through merging with machines. Is this not the Pride of Life on steroids? And, obviously, this lust for God-like stature (Apotheosis) encapsulates the Luciferian Serpent's Promise in The Garden of Eden in full regalia: "Eat this Apple and ye shall become a God." Since this is a very real situation which effects all the world in the direst sort of way, the contents of this book are relevant to all citizens of the world. This book bravely explores the various guises that this repackaged Babylonian Gnostic Luciferianism has taken and how it got to this point, as well as offers answers to this nefarious situation.  

What is Luciferianism?

  Luciferianism constitutes the nucleus of the ruling class religion. While there are definitely political and economic rationales for elite criminality, Luciferianism can account for the longevity of many of the oligarchs’ projects. Many of the longest and most brutal human endeavors have been underpinned by some form of religious zealotry. The Crusades testify to this historical fact. Likewise, the power elite’s ongoing campaign to establish a socialist totalitarian global government has Luciferianism to thank for both its longevity and frequently violent character. In the mind of the modern oligarch, Luciferianism provides religious legitimacy for otherwise morally questionable plans. 


No Apology Necessary Atheism Refuted

Irrefutable Proof of Eternal Causal Intelligence to the World

This book contains writings on the topics of Ontology, Evolutionary Theory, Theology, Biogenesis, Quantum Physics, Philosophy, Science, Physics, Scientism, and Epistemology, pertaining to the core topic of Refutations to Atheistic Materialism. Crucial to consider is the idea that it is not any one refutation or data point of evidence pointing to the plausibility of there being an Eternal Causal Intelligence that creates a case for the strong possibility of such an Eternal Causal Intelligence...a Creator. Rather, it is the summation of ALL such robust data points and proofs that culminates in an over-arching and inescapable conclusion that such a Creator is not only highly plausible, and therefore worthy of serious scientific, philosophic, and theological consideration, but moreover, to reject such a conclusion, based upon the cumulative data is tantamount to an overt confession of scientific malpractice and a glaring Naturalism biases. 

What is Atheism?

Having to prove the existence of God to an Atheist is like having to prove the existence of the sun at noon on a clear day. 

Atheism is a religion. It is the blind, unfounded assertion that there is no God. However, talk to any Atheist and they will BEG you do not think that of them. They will beg you to define Atheism as a mere “lack of belief in Gods”. In my book, I clearly show that Atheism is the positive assertion that there is no God...that Space-Time somehow magically formed by itself, in spite of insanely high piles of scientific evidence that show that life could only come from an Eternal Causal Agency...a Creator or Designer.

It should be noted that Agnosticism is NOT KNOWING if a God exists but still open to the idea. Atheism is definitely not that. 


The Flat Earth Trilogy Book of Secrets One

The Mother of All Deceptions


This book is book one of The Flat Earth Trilogy Book of Secrets series I am writing to encompass the core themes of Flat Earth, as well as going into great detail into various theories otherwise not explored within the traditional cannons of Flat Earth pedagogy. 

My hope is that the ideas expounded in this Flat Earth Trilogy series will provide compelling justifications for the claim that no curvature can be found on the Earth, which points to the empirical conclusion that we live on a plane and not a spinning ball in science fiction outer space.

The details regarding the possible topography of the Earth are discussed in depth in this book, but ultimately, the absolute true topography of the Earth is not known by anyone. I have my preferences of course, but in laying out as much information and theoretical material as possible pertaining to the topic of Flat Earth, I would hope that you draw your own conclusions and create your own geographical preference.

As I have mentioned in other books I have written, it is never any one data point that proves the validity or non-validity of a theory like Flat Earth or any other theory. It is the summation of myriads of data points that points to the high plausibility of such a theory as an almost certainty, which is as good as science ever gets with any theory.

For instance, the world used to subscribe to a Flat Plane Model, then it was a Geocentric Sphere Model, and then a Heliocentric Sphere Model, and now it is a Flat Plane Model, again. The data points amassed to support the Flat Plane Model of the Earth, though the details of that model are still being investigated by millions of people even as I write this, suggest a wide array of possible Earth topologies, including models such as Enclosed Cosmology, Hollow Earth Cosmology, Geo-Stationary Earth Cosmology, Infinite Plane Earth Cosmology, etc...)

 The Jesuit Priesthood has done all they can to baffle and confound the world with extraneous and misleading mathematics to create convoluted and superfluous details to hide the true topography of the Earth for reasons I examine in this book. 

And you know what they say, “The Devil’s in the details.” ...Jesuit Devils.

Seeing is Believing


Evidently, NASA can see though millions of layers of stars and galaxies to get thousands of crystal-clear shots of galaxies millions of light years away, but they cannot take even ONE simple photo of Earth from the Moon's distance that is not CGI fakery? NASA is merely a film production company with a huge budget and huge real rocket props. We have ALL been indoctrinated by occult high masters at NASA to the tune of 53 million dollars a day coming out of OUR Pay Checks to pay for their fake CGI rubbish. When we stop and slow down and really, really let it sink in, the most accurate map of the Earth used by the United Nations is The Flat Earth Map? They even outline the map with wheat stalks to symbolize Antarctica. The official Military Air Map, The United Nations Flag, The Official US Geological Survey Map, and the World Health Organization Maps are all purportedly accurate maps of the Earth. Yet, they are all The Flat Earth Map, hiding the Truth in plain sight. 

The United Nations is an occult Luciferian organization with only one agenda: World Tyranny and Citizen Control under their Go-Green, Luciferian Tyranny, where all who refuse to worship Lucifer, shall eventually be eliminated through “Sustainability” Policies. (Depopulation) 

This is the groundbreaking story of The Flat Earth cover-up: The Who, How, and Why they did it story.


The Flat earth Trilogy Book of Secrets Two

The Jesuit Alien Deception Placing Lucifer on The Throne of The World

In the 1500s, The Vatican Catholic Church was losing congregates because of The Protestant Reformation (1517 – 1648), so working with Occultists Galileo, Kepler, and Copernicus, they invented a Heliocentric Globe Model Deception to capture that apostasy back to the church. Later, Alchemical Occultists, Sir Issac Newton was enlisted to further the deception. What had happened is that the Vatican Jesuits had eventually, and effectively injected Heliocentrism and Big Bang Cosmology into ALL religions to infiltrate them from within, and thereby, they circumvented the necessity of overthrowing other religions with violence. They simply HIGHJACKED all religions with Fake Astronomical Science.  

Won't Get Fooled Again

Evidently, NASA can see though millions of layers of stars and galaxies to get thousands of crystal-clear shots of galaxies millions of light years away, but they cannot take even ONE simple photo of Earth from the Moon's distance that is not CGI fakery? NASA is merely a film production company with a huge budget and huge real rocket props. We have ALL been indoctrinated by occult high masters at NASA to the tune of 53 million dollars a day coming out of OUR Pay Checks to pay for their fake CGI rubbish. When we stop and slow down and really, really let it sink in, the most accurate map of the Earth used by the United Nations is The Flat Earth Map? They even outline the map with wheat stalks to symbolize Antarctica. This is the groundbreaking story of The Flat Earth cover-up: The Who, How, and Why they did it story. 


The Flat Earth Trilogy Book of Secrets III

The Outer Space metaphor can be construed as a sort of esoteric conduit or platform, if you like, by which The Luciferian Occultists intended and still intend to ensnare the minds of the world towards the purpose of the eternal, willing, and hypnotic worship of Lucifer, The Angle of Light, but also The Angel of The Air. It is easy to see why the Outer Space illusion would be an appropriate metaphor for The Angel of Light and Air, of course, given the falsely presumed vast expanses of Outer Space with all of its magically pyrotechnic Supernovas, colliding bodies, Comets, and brilliant Stars...all of it mistakenly assumed to be monstrously further away and larger than what we actually observe with our eyes. 

As long as people look up in awe, fear, and reverence to the illusion of a vastly hyper-extending, randomly created, infinitely dangerous, cold, and hostile expanse, they will not be dwelling on the Loving Creator directly above them. They will be as an orphaned child cast out upon the dark, lonely, cobblestoned streets of night, the moon a but a ghostly galleon tossed upon the cloudy seas above them, and incapable of distinguishing between good and evil, up or down, or determining why they even exists. 

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In the cold, impersonal universe of Cosmic Evolution, there is no Design. No plan. No blueprint. No expectation. Life cannot even be regarded as having any more value or significance than non-life. All is nothing more than matter and energy, molecules and galaxies, colliding and repelling, forming and dissolving, organizing and dispersing. Endlessly. And in such a cold universe, there is no way to call ANYTHING, “evil”. No basis upon which to object to anything at all. Because in such a universe, the desecration of a child is just another temporary random mechanical combination of matter and energy, no more or no less meaningful than a wave crashing on the shore, or a branch falling from a tree. It is a meaningless, hopeless, mechanistic worldview, that ultimately renders the individual, and humanity completely worthless.

And for this reason, Enclosed Cosmology is of terrible significance, and equally threatening to the powers that be who would enslave the perceptual faculties of the world’s people into a subservience to delusion and self-contemptuous, Godless limitation.


Stand or fall in the Pandemic Chess Game


This analysis of the COVID 19 Novel Strain of the Coronavirus is a collection of my research and others on the 2020 Plandemic. I say Plandemic because this was a planned crisis, long in the making. The result of the findings of this analysis could lead to a deeper sympathy for the severity of this alleged Pandemic and its victims, or contrarily, to the realization that this Plandemic is being artificially hyped, falsely dramatized, and played by the Satanic Elite and their ignorant, compliant, and often corrupt media outlets to instill fear and terror into the common man. 

Theoretically, the reason for this reign of terror is to service the purpose of plunging the entire world into a Socialism so acutely widespread and economically devastating, which they seem to be achieving, that they are able to usher in a Communistic New World Order in record breaking time. 

The unimaginable pain and suffering which would result for the common person from such a transference of power to the Elite 1% is tantamount to the Satanic Technocratic Beast System that most know all too well about from Biblical references. 

We are facing a melding of the books, 1984 and Brave New World,laced with Satanic sadism and mass extermination if we do nothing but submit to this Satanic Cabal. There is no greater thing to figure out right now in all the world than the real reasons, motivations, intentions, purposes, and agendas behind the current COVID 19 Pandemic.

The Satanic Elite are playing a chess game with the world, and currently using COVID 19 as driving pawn on the socio-geopolitical landscape. It’s a Bill Gates style Technocratic Vaccine and RFID chip game and we are all being played. With each move the world makes, they counter, anticipating many moves ahead. For anyone who's studied history, the strategy is always the same and predictable: Justify more imposition with the excuse of saving us and roll out more and more restrictive laws to tighten the noose on freedom, as a consequence. Remember that COVID 19 is merely another chess piece being used to shift the world into this Technocratic New World Order Slave State. The United Nations and its Luciferian sponsors have a number of chess pieces in place on the world chess board, and they are preparing for The Checkmate: Technocratic Plutocracy World Government 

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This book is dedicated to those who possess the incorruptible beauty of an unquenchable spirit, who are willing to face consummate and unrelenting persecution to liberate themselves and others in the face of insurmountable odds. If you fight for yourself, only, you fight in vain, for no Man escapes mortality, and your fight was but a losing folly, from the start. But if you fight for the greater liberation of all souls, you fight for your Creator, and the mystery, therein, that such a fight entails.

Death is no escape for the human soul, for all Men are intrinsically wicked, as the rising Technocratic Plutocracy reflects, and are, as such, accountable to The Creator.  No man escapes his spiritual fate through mortal death, despite the blind ignorance of Atheist claims. And hence, all people are accountable to that which created them. Nobody is entirely good. And so, Redemption from this intrinsic wickedness of Mankind (which Atheists like to call “human nature”) cannot be won on the battlefield of personal survival and glory, but rather, it is won in the submission of the soul to that which governs all things good, true, and pure. My research suggests that it is won through the repurchase of the human soul through the conduit of HUMILITY, the enemy of the current prideful Luciferic Powers in control. 


The Invisible Enemy

The Invisible Enemy

When the Ruling Elite want to keep down protests to their economic and militaristic manipulations, or mute any kind of upheaval, they simply introduce the idea of Pandemic to get everyone back in line. Whether real or fictitious, the alleged virus that they announce, and promote with their corrupt media channels, is announced just to instill mass fear so that the elite can roll out even more Draconian control systems. And, it is always for our benefit they insist. Nevertheless, there is no provable C 19 virus, per se, apart from a slightly amped up, garden variety CV with a pShuttle-SN sequences genetic insert, if even that. As soon as the ruling elite think they have created enough economic collapse and suffering, they will roll back the lockdown by pointing out that there are far less C 19 victims because of the social distancing and sheltering in place. Essentially, they will keep the social distancing and the lockdown strategy in their back pocket to use anytime they want for social control. As long as they can control and funnel the public perception of C 19 as some kind of lethal threat, they can continue to manipulate people to do just about anything they want. Currently, the whole world is under voluntary house arrest as they roll out 5G in every major city in the world. By adding 5G to the equation, the ruling Technocratic elite have the opportunity to literally kill billions of people. In a very real sense, if the world does not push back against this nefarious 5G Agenda, the world as we know it, will end. Elon Musk is putting up thousands of satellites to beam 5G at the Earth. Bill Gates is waiting in the wings with lethal, sterilizing, poisonous vaccines, infused with the nano tech microchips. This is a Technocratic Apocalypse. 

This is a Technocratic Apocalypse.

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